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Welcome to ELMAD

The start up of thecompany dates back to the 90s. In 1994, the company was launchedunder the name ELSPO civil partnership. In this form, ELSPO wasactive until 1999.

At the beginning of theyear 2000 one of the partners decided to continue conducting businessactivities of the company....
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What do we offer?

ELMAD Ltd. specializes in the food sector, mainly in fruit and vegetable processing. The company also specializes in domestic distribution as well as export of foodstuff, especially the FMCG group, in which the company is an exclusive representative of several major Polish food producers. We offer prepacked products, semi-prepared, in the form of frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh - not frozen, for the processing industry and for gastronomy.
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21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski ul. Warszawska 121
tel: 0048 83 371-65-09, tel/fax: 0048 83 371-61-07, e-mail: biuro@elmad.eu
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