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About us

The start up of thecompany dates back to the 90s. In 1994, the company was launchedunder the name ELSPO civil partnership. In this form, ELSPO wasactive until 1999.

At the beginning of theyear 2000 one of the partners decided to continue conducting businessactivities of the company.

The company in a new formof legal organization withdrew from certain fields of business,focusing on activities of wholesale FMCG articles trade. An importantevent in the development of the company took place in 2003 when thecompany bought a property with a group of warehouses and officestogether with a full infrastructure. The property is located in anattractive part of the town, in order to improve the company'shousing and its technical facilities.

In 2009 after the mergerwith the company MAD-HURT, we engaged in the distribution of alcohol,a new legal entity was launched i.e. ELMAD Ltd. The company took itsname from the first parts of the founder companies’ names. Thenewly established business took over the distribution activity of theprevious firms. At the same time, a vegetable processing division waslaunched, as the company started to export to both the EU countriesand beyond the EU borders.
21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski ul. Warszawska 121
tel: 0048 83 371-65-09, tel/fax: 0048 83 371-61-07, e-mail: biuro@elmad.eu
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