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ELMAD Ltd. specializes inthe food sector, mainly in fruit and vegetable processing. Thecompany also specializes in domestic distribution as well as exportof foodstuff, especially the FMCG group, in which the company is anexclusive representative of several major Polish food producers. Weoffer prepacked products, semi-prepared, in the form of frozen fruitand vegetables, as well as fresh - not frozen, for the processingindustry and for gastronomy.

Our offer includes export saleslogistics and the possibility of taking an export credit.

We also distribute theproducts of a number of leading Polish ice-cream producers. Our offeralso includes frozen fish, delicatessen and fish products of a widerange.

We offer the abovementioned products in packages and weights according to therecipient’s orders.

In the FMCG distributiondepartment, our offer includes both a full range of food products andhousehold chemical products, which are necessary for every household.

The full catalog ofour products as well as products of other manufacturers, which wedistribute, is available in our online store www.sklep.elmad.eu

Our company is located inan ecologically clean region of eastern Poland.

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21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski ul. Warszawska 121
tel: 0048 83 371-65-09, tel/fax: 0048 83 371-61-07, e-mail: biuro@elmad.eu
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